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Pokemon X and Y Rom

Pokemon X and Y Rom

Télécharger Pokemon X and Y gratuit

You’re just a few seconds away from downloading and playing Pokemon X and Y on your 3DS or on your emulator! Download the Pokemon X and Y rom today to explore the world of Pokemon and catch em all! In this version of Pokemon X and Y you can play it on your 3DS, phone, and PC and explore a whole new set of Pokemon. So if you are looking to download and play the Pokemon X and Y rom for free then click the download button below!


We realize that some people do not have enough money to buy the game  so we are giving away this game for free.

How to download.

1. Press share before downloading.
2. Click the download button. You might have to go through some questions before downloading, because of copyright issues with Nitendo you have to verify that you are not a robot.
3. Run the rom with an emulator or on your R4 device.



Have fun and enjoy!

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  • Andrew

    Why would Nintendo ask for your details to verify your not a robot supposedly because of copyright law don’t be silly they would try there hardest to get it removed from this site
    The questions you have to answer are part of advertising scam said person gets money for getting people to fill out surveys
    Then everyone who filled out survey don’t get file they want plus bombarded with emails and texts and fone calls and letters

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